General questions

Why is Kviknet cheaper than other internet service providers?
Kviknet is working intensively to keep the costs low and offer the most inexpensive broadband connections on the market. We have no expensive headquarter or cost heavy stores, and we solely sell subscriptions on the internet. Therefore you will never meet an annoying facer from Kviknet in the streets.
Which quality should I expect?
Kviknet uses TDC's DSL network — just like all other providers on the Danish market. Therefore there is practically no difference between a connection from Kviknet or from one of our competitors. We are just cheaper!
Why is my upload speed higher than ordered?
We will always deliver the highest available upload speed with no extra cost. E.g. if you order a 20/2 Mbit/s connection, but your phone cable is able to carry 10 Mbit/s upload speed, then we will deliver a 20/10 Mbit/s connection with no extra cost for you. However, it is not always possible - it depends entirely on the quality of TDC's phone cable.
How long is your delivery time?
In some cases as little as 3 days — in other cases up to 3 weeks. However, our experience tells us that most customers are connected within a week.
Are you using phone outlet or antenna outlet for my broadband connection?
It depends on your address. Check your address to see what we offer.
Does a broadband subscription from you require an active landline subscription?
Can I buy VoIP services from you?
No. However, you can buy your broadband connection from Kviknet and buy a VoIP subscription from another provider.
Does your broadband subscriptions require an active TV subscription?
Whether you get internet via phone jack, cable TV or fiber depends on your address. If a TV subscription is required, you will be notified before we complete your order.
Which wireless router do you provide?
Inteno DG200 Our router is a Inteno DG200 router with built-in modem. It comes with wireless network ready for use.

The wireless router has the following specifications:
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac)
  • Dual band, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • 4 LAN ports
  • Simple web interface
  • Internal antennas
  • Installation manual is shipped with the router (you can also download it here)
  • NB! Router is shipped without analog phone ports
Which modem is delivered with my DSL connection?
TDC modem Our modem is a TDC modem. There are no configuration options on the modem and you can connect your own wireless router or computer directly to it.

Installation manual is shipped with the modem (you can also download it here)
What is Pair Bonding?
Pair Bonding is when we use 2 phone lines to double the available speed. It is used if you cannot get adequate speed on a single phone cable, and it requires technician assisted setup, as we need to install a special phone outlet with two separate connectors. You also need a wireless router from us, or a pair bonding modem, which can be connected using two phone cables.


Which speed should I expect?
Kviknet uses TDC's DSL network. In most cases we will therefore be able to deliver the speed we offer, when you order your connection. However, in some cases the quality of the phone line will not allow us to deliver the expected speed. We guarantee a deviation of max 20 % on a cabled connection. On a wireless connection there is no guaranteed speed, as it depends on local factors in your home, e.g. noise from other wireless networks.
Can you cancel my current broadband subscription for me?
If your current broadband connection is a DSL connection then we can cancel it on your behalf. When you order your connection, please enter your customer ID at your current provider. Then we can take over your connection and ensure a minimal downtime. Just beware of your current contract period and notice period.
Are there any usage limits on my broadband connection?
No, at Kviknet you have unlimited traffic.
Is there any ping time guarantee?
No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a given ping time. However, check out our looking glass to find out which ping times other customers experience right now.
Can I keep my broadband subscription at Kviknet if I move to a different address?
If it is possible to establish a connection on your new address then we can move your current subscription. Just be aware, that there is no guarantee that we can deliver the same speed on your new address - check the speed on our web site prior to ordering.
You can move your connection to a new address by logging on to "My Kviknet" and click "Move connection". It is a good idea to do it in a timely manner - that way we can make sure that your connection is up and running on the same day that you move in.
Just contact us if you need help finding out the available speed on your new address.
Can I install my new broadband connection myself or should I order a technician assisted setup?
Most customers do not need a technician assisted setup but will do fine with a DIY installation. In rare cases it is necessary with a visit from one of our technicians — typically that happens when there is no usable connection between your home and the phone central, or if your phone cable or outlet is damaged.


How can I terminate my subscription?
Send us an e-mail. Please note that you cannot terminate your connection within the first 6 months.
How long is my notice period?
30 days, but you cannot terminate the subscription until the contract period has expired.
Is it my own responsibility to return the modem or wireless router when the subscription is terminated?
Yes. When you terminated your subscription, Kviknet will send you information about how to return the equipment. The only way to return equipment is by mail - it cannot be delivered in person at our office.


I have questions about my bill!
If you need help understanding your bills, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone.
How often am I supposed to pay?
At Kviknet you always pay in advance. You will receive a bill from us 8 days before it is due. Bills are always due on the last bank day of the month, and we automatically change the amount from your credit card once the bill is due.
How much must I pay in advance?
You have to pay 2 months in advance. Example: You receive a bill from us by the end of January. The bill is due on the last bank day in January and will cover your subscription for March.
Why is my first bill higher than expected?
Your first bill will be larger than subsequent bills. That is because your first month may be partial and the first invoice will always contain 2 complete months and a partial month. Furthermore it may contain technician assisted setup, wireless router or other optional additions to your subscription.
Can I pay with Betalingsservice?
No, unfortunately you cannot. We accept credit card payments only.
Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.
Can you send me a giro card?
Yes, but we charge a fee of 49 DKK, as we have to handle your payment manually. Therefore we recommend using a payment card instead.
Can I postpone my payment?
Yes, you can postpone your payment for 1 month if you contact our customer service. It will cost you a fee of 49 DKK which will be charged with the next payment. First payment cannot be postponed.

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